2 full days of hands on and lectures = Inspired!!

With one more half day to go, I have to say that I have been inspired by this conference to train and pursue my personal goals of becoming a better more consistent trainer.  I have seen the absolute best in the industry, true life leaders who started out just like us all in the human drama as babies, toddlers, children, adolescents, young adults, and full on adults.  Learning and living every day making decisions every moment wondering what is the life all about.  Choosing a line and deciding to be the very best at what they do and helping people tremendously many steps of the way.  No it seems as every word they speak is pure gold.  Living legends .. how do they do it. they are humans playing on the same field as everyone bu they are on one side inspiring others everyday and providing tremendous knowledge. 

I like to emphasize that they are humans just like us all and have limitations of the mind and body just as we do.  A regular day in and day out grind of working to be the very best that they could be has shown up in how the live their life from minute to minute.  We have the ability to upload superior habits into our central nervous system that become the essence of who we are everyday and every moment. 

As fitness industry leaders they are the example of what a healthy lifestyle is .. eat well, exercise, treat others with respect, sleep well, work hard as hell and be the best you are capable of. 
Everyday people are looking for the very best that life has to offer and it is day in and day out battle to find the road and stay on a path that will not lead to disaster.  You must find your inner warrior and put it on the line everyday.  No days off.