Are you healthy?

I ask this question to those who may feel frustrated with there current health status. If at the end of each day we can honestly state that our health is good, than we are in good shape. If you can’t make that statement, than there is a necessity to act on that which is not healthy within your life. Many times when I talk to people during an overall fitness and health assessment, I notice that a greater percentage of individuals are aware of there health status and what needs to be changed. First there is an awareness of lack of health in our life. This awareness comes from listening to our body. Stress levels mean something, fatigue means something, aches mean something, poor sleep quality … these are all big signs. There are other smaller signs like dry skin, restless legs, headaches. And we have to listen everyday. When you continue to listen and continue to act on what your body tells you… your health will continue to increase.