BEWARE: DONT USE SUPPLEMENTS that are not FDA regulated. Save your health and keep the game fair.

I want to simplify what I am about to say here. There is the beauty of sport that transcends everything that you can possibly shake a finger at. There is the government of the country where the sport is played, there is the financial system of the city/ country, there is the media that thrives on dirt, there is the business of the sport, the ego’s, the off the field antics, the social media. When you shutoff all that shit, you get left with the beauty of a game set up with rules and goals and everybody gets together with there teamates and competitors with their respective roles and they play the game. It begins and it ends. and every one is engaged through the process. Right?guys equally Well this engagement is what we in the sports industry say makes the difference between winning and losing. You give me 9 guys equally talented on both sides and you tell me witch one is more engaged and I’ll tell you who will win the game. Leading up to each game all the coaches and players are engaging in their best effort trying to stay ” ahead of the curve” with their effort. This staying ahead of the curve is a beautiful thing when you eat right, train right, sleep right, think right, and act right, you then have the recipe. Again, to simplify there are some bastards out there who are capitalizing and feeding there nasty souls by creating illegal performance supplements. Recently the US Food and Drug administration had put out a warning against product from the Supplement company in New York called Sport Driven owned and operated by convicted felon Matt Cahill (picture below). He was convicted by putting risking supplements on the market and by staying ahead of regulators by mixing up the chemical process and changing company names.

The most recent products called CRAZE has been taken off the market but, another product has since been launched called FRENZY. Recent Winter Olympic Polish bobsledder had blamed CRAZE for his recent failed drug test. The fact here that these products contain methamphetamine, cuase liver damage, and in 2004 Cahill was jailed because he stuffed pesticde and baking soda into a capsule and sold it as a dietary fat loss supplement. WORK HARD. PLAY HARD. EAT RIGHT. THINK RIGHT. SCREW criminals that taint the sport and put people’s health at risk.