When you know this, you’ll be crushing your goals!



The following  is a quote from the foreword in ” Athletic Development: The Art and Science of Functional Sports Conditioning” by Vern Gambetta. The foreword was written by James C. Radcliffe, the head strength and conditioning coach at the university of oregon.

“Imagine, if you will, a system of continual progress toward improvement. This system is social in nature, for it has examined the effects of locomotion in the world, political climate, economic status, and importance to the community. This system is scientific in nature, for it has examined the effects of physics, biology, anatomy, physiology, and mathematical principles that help shed light on how things can work. This system is of a competitive nature; it realizes that constant adjustments are necessary for achieving and maintaining success. Above all, this system is of a human nature; it understands that no one is perfect, no plan perfect, and system perfect. The system maintains a continual use of checks and balances: self check, self-critique, evaluate, re-evaluate, and then move forward, onward and upward.”

At this point we have understood that we are made up of a system of discipline if we so choose. The system operates in an ever changing world of ups and downs. If this journey is to be successful, one has to be conscious of the quote above. This is what training is. In any matter, every 24 hours we are given can be consciously guided towards any goal. With perseverance you will become what you do on a regular basis.

Goal, Action, adjust, evaluate, implement change, action, re-evaluate, continue process until goal is reached.

Congratulations to Derrick Rose!

DRose Derrick Rose was picked #1 overall in the NBA draft in 2009. In 2011, Rose became the youngest player to win the NBA season MVP. After an explosive and promising start, Derrick Rose has fought through injuries to his knees that had created doubt that he would ever return to greatness. Rose tore his left knee ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the opening game of the 2012 playoffs. This was an injury that sidelined him for the entire 2012-13 season. Rose fought through a grueling rehabilitation to return to the court for the 2013-14 season only to tear his right knee meniscus 10 games into the season. Rose fought through another rehabilitation again to return for the 2014-15 season. In February of the 2014-15 season, Rose again was sidelined with a meniscus tear. This time at 26 years old the decision to remove or repair the tear became a long-term decision that may affect his knee and explosive power for the remainder of his playing career. Derrick was able to repair his meniscus due to the nature of the tear. After three year of injuries and rehabilitation, Derrick Rose has persevered mentally through the process to help his team get back to the NBA playoffs. Last night Derrick Rose hit the game winner to put the Bulls up 2-1 in the second round of the NBA playoffs. I’m happy for Derrick Rose and how he has continued to ” stay in the game ” and fight to bring his best to the floor. Rose gave credit to his teammates for believing in him through the process.

Germany wins 2014 World Cup behind the training methods of American trainer.

OK, so that American trainer was not me. It is probably one of the best if not the best trainer in the United States, Mark Verstegan (on the right in the picture) owner of Athlete’s Performance now known as EXOS. You might ask why is he not training the US team??? and that would be a great question because I have no idea. He has been training the German team since 2006. In 2006 they placed 2nd, in 2010 they placed 3rd, and in 2014 as we know they claimed the 1 st place position by outlasting Argentina, Sim Simmer!!. For the record, when they played the US in the 2014 World cup the score was 1-0 Germany won. Germany has been know for their precision in the automobile world and it looks like their precision is carrying over into the world of soccer as well. You may know may know Mark Verstegan as the trainer who made the term “core” very popular. The use of stability training, foam rolling, active warm-up have been made common place in sports training around the US and now the world. I have had the privilege of working with some of his students and applying the training techniques to my craft. What i have learned from these training techniques blows my mind in what is possible of the human body if trained correctly. Correctly being the vital word here. Mark in addition to developing some of the most effective training methods has gone the most important extra mile in focusing what we do in the times that we are not training. Nutrition, Regeneration, Sleep, injury prevention. A body broken down with little rest and poor nutrition is in no place to train. This to me is the fight of the everyday amateur athlete. When ” out of training ” for perfection or a specific goal, it’s extremely hard for the amateur to create the discipline necessary for success in training. Marks methods create a clear path to success. I am proud to say that my craft has been greatly influenced by Mark Verstagan and continue to grow with him and his success.

Before you start any training program you have to ask yourself one question do you feel plucky? Well do ya punk?

That’s right.. DO you feel PLUCKY?

plucky means to have or have shown determined courage in the face of difficulties. Whether it be one workout or the beginning of a workout regimen to reach a goal, there will be a level of difficulty that everyone experiences. Working out is an experience and with each workout you will develop a certain resolve that can define your character. It is the very pluckiness of your character that will bring you down the path of your dreams and desires. Pluckiness is actually a word as well.

Where do you position yourself? ON A BIKE?

With the spring season.. springing almost, The bicyclists are starting to hit the road. Along with proper safety precautions, it is vital to adjust your seat (saddle) to the appropriate height in order to maximize lower leg kinematics, pedaling efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. Here is a simple reference tip for putting your seat in the correct position. The correct seat height is largely a matter of what the angle is at your knee when the pedal is at the very bottom. At this position in the cycle your knee should be at an angle of 25-30 degrees. The very best way to measure your knee angle is with a goniometer. A goniometer is a device that measures the joint abngle. Now I am imagining that you probably don’t have a goniometer laying around. So below I have including a picture in which you can “eyeball” the correct position in which a goniometer is used to measure the knee angle. Generally speaking you should not have too much knee bend in your cycle and your knee should not ” lock- out” at the bottom of your cycle.

BEWARE: DONT USE SUPPLEMENTS that are not FDA regulated. Save your health and keep the game fair.

I want to simplify what I am about to say here. There is the beauty of sport that transcends everything that you can possibly shake a finger at. There is the government of the country where the sport is played, there is the financial system of the city/ country, there is the media that thrives on dirt, there is the business of the sport, the ego’s, the off the field antics, the social media. When you shutoff all that shit, you get left with the beauty of a game set up with rules and goals and everybody gets together with there teamates and competitors with their respective roles and they play the game. It begins and it ends. and every one is engaged through the process. Right?guys equally Well this engagement is what we in the sports industry say makes the difference between winning and losing. You give me 9 guys equally talented on both sides and you tell me witch one is more engaged and I’ll tell you who will win the game. Leading up to each game all the coaches and players are engaging in their best effort trying to stay ” ahead of the curve” with their effort. This staying ahead of the curve is a beautiful thing when you eat right, train right, sleep right, think right, and act right, you then have the recipe. Again, to simplify there are some bastards out there who are capitalizing and feeding there nasty souls by creating illegal performance supplements. Recently the US Food and Drug administration had put out a warning against product from the Supplement company in New York called Sport Driven owned and operated by convicted felon Matt Cahill (picture below). He was convicted by putting risking supplements on the market and by staying ahead of regulators by mixing up the chemical process and changing company names.

The most recent products called CRAZE has been taken off the market but, another product has since been launched called FRENZY. Recent Winter Olympic Polish bobsledder had blamed CRAZE for his recent failed drug test. The fact here that these products contain methamphetamine, cuase liver damage, and in 2004 Cahill was jailed because he stuffed pesticde and baking soda into a capsule and sold it as a dietary fat loss supplement. WORK HARD. PLAY HARD. EAT RIGHT. THINK RIGHT. SCREW criminals that taint the sport and put people’s health at risk.

Tapping into the core of human movement and delivering a system to improve basic motor patterns in the human population.

 What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?  
The FMS has been developed in the last 10 years or so to be used as a basic fundamental orthopedic movement screen.  The goal of using the FMS is to pinpoint movement limitations or deficits in order to improve them with exercise.
There are seven movements designed to measure fundamental movements and motor control (stability).  Movement deficiency, limitations, and asymmetries are highlighted which can then be targeted with rehabilitative/ corrective exercise.  The difference in rehabilitative and corrective exercise, highlights the very essence of the movement screen is that our movement function can be inhibited by the very noticeable injury or can be very much at the subconscious level.  Rehabilitative exercises are used for specific injuries that cause noticeable pain and corrective exercises are used to “correct” or reactivate motor functions in our body that are not doing their job due to lack of use, maintenance or dysfunction.   To the individual not versed in anatomy or motor functioning, we all have certain basic functioning ingrained in our DNA.  It is the use of these functions that help us live healthier lives through a healthier musculoskeletal system.  As healthy babies we all have the same movement potential and it is the use and the challenges to our central nervous system that make us strong through our developmental stages.  Specifically, our motor cortex, which controls our musculoskeletal system, can be heightened by the level of our fitness program and the diversity of the movement demands we place on it as we develop as a human.

Misconceptions of Losing Weight in the ” Fat Burning Zone “

The term ” fat burning zone” has been used by gyms, doctors, magazines and so forth to help guide people into burning fat.  All good intentions but, lets look at the truth and find out why high intensity intervals done correctly and safely are the best way to trim unwanted body fat.

 Our bodies use certain fuel for certain levels of exercise ” movement” intensity.  I use the word movement next to exercise to clarify that we are moving all the time but, we choose to call it exercise only at specific moments that we have scheduled or chosen to “move” more than our “usual”.  My point is that we need food ” fuel” everyday to provide energy for our cells to produce movement and sustain life.  The types of fuel that we ingest have varying amounts of fat, carbohydrates, protein that will equal a sum of calories per day.  Our level of activity will determine how many calories we burn off on a given day.  Over time we create a balance between intake and burning.  If our intake is more than burning .. guess what we have a surplus and storage in the form of fat.

We have been told to burn this fat we need to train in a heart rate zone that uses fat as the primary fuel.  This is known to us as low level aerobic exercise.  Without getting too scientific we have 3 pathways to create energy for our muscles to use.  They are all working to some degree or percentage at any specific moment to create energy.  For instance two individuals go for a 30 minute workout. One of them walk and burns 200 calories 70% from fat totaling 140 fat calories.  The other runs for 30 minutes and burns 330 calories  60% of those calories being fat equaling 198 calories.  So a higher intensity draws less percentage wise from fat for fuel to sustain the workout but, burns more overall fat calories because of the energy demand.  Same amount of time two different intensities.  Take that same 30 minute time period and do intervals of sprints 30 seconds on and 1 minute off and your calories burnt go up to 550 while 45% are being from fat totaling 248 calories.  You can see the difference for a 30 minute workout of increasing intensity.  140 fat calories, 198 fat calories, and 248 fat calories respectively.

It’s clear that intensity plays a key role in burning fat.  While preparing to ramp the intensity of your exercising up, be careful to use a safe progression of volume along with flexibility, stability, strengthening, to prevent injury.  If you haven’t exercised in months perhaps the right place to start would be a 15 minute workout.  Jog one minute and walk one minute 3x/ week.  Next week go for 20 minutes 3x/ week. Next week go for 25 minutes .. and so forth.

2 full days of hands on and lectures = Inspired!!

With one more half day to go, I have to say that I have been inspired by this conference to train and pursue my personal goals of becoming a better more consistent trainer.  I have seen the absolute best in the industry, true life leaders who started out just like us all in the human drama as babies, toddlers, children, adolescents, young adults, and full on adults.  Learning and living every day making decisions every moment wondering what is the life all about.  Choosing a line and deciding to be the very best at what they do and helping people tremendously many steps of the way.  No it seems as every word they speak is pure gold.  Living legends .. how do they do it. they are humans playing on the same field as everyone bu they are on one side inspiring others everyday and providing tremendous knowledge. 

I like to emphasize that they are humans just like us all and have limitations of the mind and body just as we do.  A regular day in and day out grind of working to be the very best that they could be has shown up in how the live their life from minute to minute.  We have the ability to upload superior habits into our central nervous system that become the essence of who we are everyday and every moment. 

As fitness industry leaders they are the example of what a healthy lifestyle is .. eat well, exercise, treat others with respect, sleep well, work hard as hell and be the best you are capable of. 
Everyday people are looking for the very best that life has to offer and it is day in and day out battle to find the road and stay on a path that will not lead to disaster.  You must find your inner warrior and put it on the line everyday.  No days off.

Protecting yourself in the heat.

With the warm weather coming in (Finally!) most of us get out of the house and increase our level of activity in order to obtain the number one goal in life the washboard abs.  Yes that’s right washboards abs.. nothing else matters. 

As you move with reckless abandon in your noble drive to obtain the holy grail of washboard abs, I want you to be aware of the dangers of heat and exercise.  A combination of rising temperature from exercise and the already existing hot temperature can cause a devastating rise in the body’s core temperature.

Here is a way to check you current and local temperature to ensure you are exercising in a safe environment.  Go to accuweather.com and enter your local zip code.  This will bring up the local forecast for your zip code.  You can then click on the hourly forecast and look at the REALFEEL number.

Use the following guidelines to plan your exercise


<79 activity="" no="" restrictions="" span="">
80-85  =  provide ample water breaks, monitor yourself for signs of heat illness (muscle cramps, nausea, not sweating)
86-90 = provide ample water breaks, monitor yourself for signs of heat illness (muscle cramps, nausea, not sweating).  Consider reducing the amount of time of your workout.  1 hour recovery time for every hour of exercise.  
91-95  = provide ample water breaks, monitor yourself for signs of heat illness (muscle cramps, nausea, not sweating).  Consider reducing the amount of time of your workout.  Consider postponing exercise until the reelfeel is lower. 1 hour recovery time for every hour of exercise.   Wear lightweight clothing.

> 95 =  No exercise outdoors.