Burn baby burn!!!

The thermic effect of food is an interesting part of the diet that I don’t think many people may know about. The theremogenic effect is defined as the energy expended by our bodies in order to consume (chew, bite, swallow) and process (digest, transport, matabolize, and store) food.

Thus everytime we eat, we are burning calories. The thermogenic effect of food for protein, carbohydrates, and fats is, roughly 9:3:1. For example if we eat 100 calories of protein, 9 calories will be burned, carbs…3 calories burned, and fat ….1 calorie burned. What this ratio means is that proteins have the highest thermogenic effect. One can maximize the energy burned by the makeup of their diet.

Is your diet high in carbs? Well a switch to lower carb and higher protein can have a significant thermal effect on your daily caloric intake. This significant change can add up if continued for a period of time.

Another way to maximize the thermic effect of your diet is to spread out your feeding times over 5-6 feedings vs. 2-3 feedings.
Despite caloric consumption being the same, the thermic effect results in more calories burned in a regular feeding pattern vs. an irregular pattern.

Summary: to reduce your overall calories burned via the thermic effect of food

1) decrease carbs and fat and increase protein intake.
2) spread out your meals into 5-6 times a day

I feel these are relatively easy changes to changes to incorporate into your diet. Add in some intense exercise 3x a week and you are on your way to shedding fat.