Competitive spirit overflow kept in check.

You see it often as it has been part of sports and humanity for as long as we have known.  What causes one athlete to physically attack or go after another athlete on the field.  Where is the breaking point for each individual?  Who started it? Could it have been prevented?  Everybody wants to be a champion and we play the game to win.  Any edge (legal) that we can attain we will take it.  We are taught to not take anything (sh*t ) from anybody as an athlete as it would display a mental weakness and therefore open our window to be viewed as individual who is weak.  A day in and day out strive to be the best.  Are you working hard enough?  What is hard enough?  Everyday there is the possibility to lose if we engage in competition and if we don’t we avoid the agony of defeat but, also never experience the experience of winning.

The picture of the athlete who had failed and experiences the agony of defeat.

He sits wondering why do I feel so bad, what happened I was supposed to win.  There is no doubt that we see the winners in their delight and we want it.   When we are on our path, we must respect our path and listen to those around us.  Respect the coaches, respect the referee, respect the opposing players, respect the game.

I witnessed a small brawl between basketball teams this weekend.  The scene was a invitational tournament for talented youth to display their skills for college coaches and prove their skill was good or better that the other players.  Before the first half a timeout is called by one team and some players from the other team hover around their huddle.  One coach asks the other to corral his players, the ref does the same the coach does not responds until a few minutes pass.  The seeds of disrespect have been planted.. The coach did not respect the referee and the opposing coach’s wishes for him to corral his players.  The players talked their share of trash.  The game resumed and there was a bit more of trash talking from the same individuals.. the seeds are growing.  The game is close and comes down to the wire.  The game has been won by the team that had started the trash talking.  When the teams go through their customary congratulatory line after the game the players erupt a chair is thrown there is pushing and water is thrown.  It gets diffused by the coaches and referees.  Not much harm had been done.  When the initial trash talk had started it should have been nipped in the bud by the refs and the coaches.  The players could have also corralled their teammates but, you would expect it first from the adults on the court. 

When the seeds of disrespect start it is always best to nip them at the bud which is an art in itself.  When done so gracefully ongoing we can all enjoy the game in it’s true competition.  What makes it so exciting is that one group wins and the other loses.