Controlling the Inner Self.

Have you noticed how we make different decisions dependent of what emotional state we are in. When we are in a bad mood it is easy to make snap judgments. Of course many variables along the course of our lives will have an impact on how we react to things in our daily life. There is a need to forgive and forget some past experiences as they may cloud the future judgments that we may make. Yes in certain circumstances, your intuition will lead you in the safe direction but, we must be conscious not to let past interactions with people disrupt our present interactions. I probably wouldn’t have to argue with you as to what would be a better state to be in over the long run. And I am guessing that your thinking relaxed, peaceful, happy.

What we have to realize is that our internal state is a reflection of what our mind perceives. If we perceive danger or fear our bodies will respond accordingly. How do we gain control of the inner state? Meditation. By controlling our breathing consciously over a period time as a practice we can keep our bodies in a physiologically relaxed state and thus, our actions and reactions will follow a more relaxed state of mind…. follow the blog… more to come. Soon you’ll be levitating!