Don’t go to South Korea for a hip replacement.

I was reading in the New York Times today about how some Americans are fleeing the high costs of medicine at home. An estimated 750,00 Americans sought treatment abroad and the figure is projected to reach 6 million by 2010. Some procedures mentioned were hip replacements and spinal surgery, and plastic surgery.

The South Korean government is providing long-term medical visas to help bring a boost to the economy as some patients hang around shopping and sight-seeing after there procedure. One American (forklift operator) got spinal scans and medication for his back and hip problems. He said this type of treatment would have taken 6 months in the United States. Another individual paid $3,200 for back surgery rather than the $30,000 it would have cost in the United States.

Well, I don’t want to touch on the American Health care System. However, I do want to mention the benefits of having exercise as part of your lifestyle. There are specific exercise that can prevent joint breakdown. Are you working on hip mobility, hip stability, spinal stabilization? These are just a few things that should be including in your exercise regimen. Ask your trainer what you are doing to prevent major injuries and degeneration. What are your training goals?

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