Don’t let group training fool you!!

Don’t get me wrong off the bat, group training is awesome and in many ways the best way that exercise can be done. You are around other like minded people who are motivating each other to keep going when the pain says to stop or if you flat out don’t feel like training.  The number one road block to fitness is showing up.  With others supporting you, there is a much higher likelihood that you will continue the program!!

I just saw a trainer today who had been training four people.  2 people had been training for a period of time with the trainer and the other two had not trained in months.  However, the major hitch in what transpired is that they all did the same workout with minor variations.  Flat out there was no fitness level assessment or major volume adjustments to the workout for the individual who has been working out for the past few weeks to the individuals who have not worked out in months. 

So these two people were involved in a circuit with a station that involved 40 body weight squats.  They went through this station 5 times, thats 200 BW squats!!!  So basically these two people although young and fairly fit went from not doing any squats for the last months to 200 in one day.  I refer back to my MT. Everest quote.  You can’t climb the mountain in one day.  A well organized plan leads to success.