Emotional eating.

I was watching a documentary on the training and development of Cuban boys for Olympic level boxing. There was one individual who at 7 years old was consistently overweight during weigh ins. Everybody was a little concerned and disappointed with the results that kept on recurring. They chalked up his consistency with being overweight with his love for food. In addition to his eating problems the boy was also having some emotional difficulties in the ring when he was sparring with other boys.

Earlier in the documentary it had been noted that this boys mother had passed away when he was 6 years old. I personally believe that this boys problems had stemmed from the psychological complications of losing a loved one and there was not a proper grieving and coping process for the boy. He had replaced his mother’s love with food as this gave his brain the satisfaction it needed. Unfortunately this is a coping mechanism that many people use when dealing with stress or loss of love. Not always is the substitute food but, in worse cases… drugs and alcohol take the place.

This being said, sometimes the first stop for an individual with a weight problem is the psychologists office to find a potential cause for the over eating. There is unfortunately many stigmas attached to someone with a weight problem and whole other set of stigmas attached to those with a psychological problem. Due to these stigmas, the web can get quite tangled and be very difficult to unravel. In order to chop down a tree that is growing unhealthy, you may cut some off the branches which may appear to help the situation but, the root of the problem will always exist.

Health is multifaceted, there is body and mind working together in world to find lasting happiness.