A quick word on fasting.  With the religious observance of Ramadan coming to a close in four days, I had a thought on the health benefits underlying this observance.  The major part of Ramadan observance is fasting for 30 days from sunrise to sunset.  During this fast we voluntarily restrict introducing any food into our system.  I think there is a valuable lesson to be had here in that of self control.over our urges.  Its interesting how our own bodies can signal us to indulge in something and can also trigger us to continue that indulging.  Why, one would ask does our body have these cravings and why can’t we just listen to them and follow them?  With evidence of humans suffering with all different types of addictions from food to alcohol to cigarettes to sex to drugs to certain behaviors, you can see the value of taking time restrict ourselves from indulging.  Our very souls need to be strengthened on periodic basis in order not to become the slave of our bodies cravings.   The same we lift weights to strengthen our bodies, we can restrict our actions and behaviors in order to strengthen our will and our resolve which can only keep us powerful in spirit and soul.