Germany wins 2014 World Cup behind the training methods of American trainer.

OK, so that American trainer was not me. It is probably one of the best if not the best trainer in the United States, Mark Verstegan (on the right in the picture) owner of Athlete’s Performance now known as EXOS. You might ask why is he not training the US team??? and that would be a great question because I have no idea. He has been training the German team since 2006. In 2006 they placed 2nd, in 2010 they placed 3rd, and in 2014 as we know they claimed the 1 st place position by outlasting Argentina, Sim Simmer!!. For the record, when they played the US in the 2014 World cup the score was 1-0 Germany won. Germany has been know for their precision in the automobile world and it looks like their precision is carrying over into the world of soccer as well. You may know may know Mark Verstegan as the trainer who made the term “core” very popular. The use of stability training, foam rolling, active warm-up have been made common place in sports training around the US and now the world. I have had the privilege of working with some of his students and applying the training techniques to my craft. What i have learned from these training techniques blows my mind in what is possible of the human body if trained correctly. Correctly being the vital word here. Mark in addition to developing some of the most effective training methods has gone the most important extra mile in focusing what we do in the times that we are not training. Nutrition, Regeneration, Sleep, injury prevention. A body broken down with little rest and poor nutrition is in no place to train. This to me is the fight of the everyday amateur athlete. When ” out of training ” for perfection or a specific goal, it’s extremely hard for the amateur to create the discipline necessary for success in training. Marks methods create a clear path to success. I am proud to say that my craft has been greatly influenced by Mark Verstagan and continue to grow with him and his success.