Get down get up but dont ever give up.

I was watching the NY Jets play the Seattle Seahawks today. They mentioned that Brett Favre held the record for most career interceptions (305). I looked up some of his records as a NFL quarterback and found that he is tied for 1st for most career playoff interceptions (28)and most career playoff loses (10). I think his most important record is most career pass attempts (9,209). Brett Favre is looked at as a future NFL hall of famer. I think we need to look at the pass attempts as the important lesson here. Despite holding the records for incidents that would not be defined as successful, the ability to attempt again and again. If your trying to make positive changes in your life make sure that you hold the record for attempts. The likelihood of failing is high and you may record all time records for certain failures but, without attempting again and again you will never find your hall of fame. Define your goals and attempt.


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