Go on and try some cherry juice

Well, all tings considered, I am sure that cherry juice would taste just fine. What I want to happen here is one to try cherry juice after a workout to see if it’s reported benefits of reducing recovery time from exercising works for them.  It’s amazing the amount of research that is done in the field of nutrition and sports performance. One might ask how did the intially link cherries to reduction of recovery time?  Well, sorry can’t answer that for you.  Does watermelon do the same?  It’s nutritious and hydrating?  Lets put the beauty of all the hardworking scientists and lab techs to work and try for ourselves to see if we may obtain some personal benefit from consumption of red cherries post workout.

As you well know there is work put into exercising and this breaks down the muscle tissue it and causes a post exercise soreness referred to as DOMS (Delayed onset of Muscle Soreness). Depending on your workout regimen and your goals you can introduce cherry juice to your diet and reep the benefits of increasing your overall healthy consumption level. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montmorency_cherry