How do you get to the top of Mount Everest?

Well you wake up one day and you find transportation to the mountain and start hiking.  Sounds easy enough right?  To reach any goal you must have a plan that includes the all aspects that one must conquer in order to attain the goal.  There will be a financial aspect, a health and fitness aspect, equipment, and guidance.  Let’s focus on the health and fitness aspect.  First you make the choice hike.  Your progress after this follows the body principle called “SAID”  Specific adaptations to imposed demands.  Their is no doubt that hiking Mt Everest is not your average hike and in fact is quite dangerous.  I think intuitively we can all agree that we would have to work to attain a certain level of fitness.    Can we start by hiking 10 flights of stairs?  Sure.  from their we increase our “load”  This load becomes the imposed demand and our body will have a specific adaptation (SAID).   At 29,000 plus feet you best believe that from a pure physiological standpoint you would have to be able to hike 1,500 ft.  in a day. recover and do it again the next day.  (General summit plan include a 18-20 day expedition.   Not to mention fighting the elements. 

To reach any goal training is a period of adaptation and the timeline to that goal depends on the specifics of the fitness goal.   We certainly could not come out of the gate and reach for 29,000 feet in one day but,  with increasing demand from a day to day our bodies will adapt to maintain.  This is a survival adaptation of the human body.   AMAZING!!