Just a healthy thought.

Sometimes I wonder why we can say (Verbalize) health is exercising, eating healthy, sleeping well, and having healthy relationships but, the gap to actually creating reality is ACTION. Many can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? I personally have had times when I was very healthy and other time when I let things slip.

In particular my diet. I can tell you that it feels great to eat healthy for an extended period of time. I feel it effects the body and mind on many different levels positively. So, being a health professional and knowing (intellectually) what it means to be healthy and also knowing that it is actions that create reality I still find it amazing how it is so hard to create that reality.

Recently, my exercising has been on point but, my diet has fallen into a little bit of a rut. My proportions are fine but, content might not always be the best. Particularly, I can’t tell that I have been eating anywhere close to the recommended daily allowance for fruits and vegetables.

So time goes by and you wonder did I eat ok today? Did I write it down? Do I feel good? Am I wasting money on expensive fruits and vegetables by letting them go bad? Are they at their peak nutrition level if I leave them out in a basket? Am I eating the correct balance? Am I eating too many? You might say paralysis by analysis. And that is just it… we ask too many questions and end up erring on the side of current comfort.

So here is my advice about starting to eat healthier.

1) Recognize the problem. If your here you already did it
2) What is the very first action step (Visualize)
3) Stay consistent for 4 weeks.

Go and buy fruits and vegetables and put them in a basket in your kitchen. If they go bad fine… do it again… whoops they went bad thats ok…. do it again. Reality is right before our eyes. To create a your personal reality… the healthy food has to be in your home. Well to get you started right click on the picture of the fruit basket and save it as a desktop background. You might feel like a fruit having a basket of fruit as your desktop background but it is your first step towards changing your unhealthy habit.