Lessons from Coach Wooden ” The Wizard of Westwood”

In his documentary “Values, Victory, and Peace of mind, “John Wooden comments on the 7 point creed that he was handed from his father.

1. Be true to yourself
2. Help others
3. Make friendship a fine art

4. Drink deeply from good books; especially the Bible.
5. Make each day your masterpiece
6. Build shelter for a rainy day by the way you live your life.
7. Give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance everyday.

Exercise means nothing if we don’t have sound spirituality and peace of mind at the end of each day.  Building of Character in the sense of how we communicate with other and with ourselves in essential for our health on a day to day basis.  The 7 point creed is a great reminder of how we can be our best.  Test out each point as often as you can to see how you feel about yourself and the world around you.

I have seen and experienced how a poor view of other and your own self can only snowball and make things worse.  The world outside of us will always be changing and the control of how we view life from our perspective as individuals is so important.  These 7 steps will help you live each day and handle life as it occurs day to day for you not for somebody else.  The incredible thing about these rules that if anyone follows them they will maintain your personal peace from knowing you tried your best that day.