Life will throw curve balls or knuckle balls sometimes fast balls…. be ready!

I put up a picture of pavlov’s dog because I think it is a good metaphor for how our behaviors as humans are very much shaped or influenced by factors outside of our control. I was recently reading in the New York Times a story of a lady whos’ toilet had crapped the bed (Pun intended). With the current state of the economy, she opted for the do it yourself fix. She installed her toilet herself but, when the ceiling collapsed in the room underneath her new (Leaky) toilet… she rushed to get supplies to fix the problem. Rushing out of her garage with her car, she clipped a pole and her bumper fell off, also later a few shelves collapsed over her head. Maybe if she would have hired a professional to do the job , she would not have run into all these problems.

As I read this article, I thought of my own most recent do-it-yourself project which almost turned disastrous. I was installing a ceiling fan but, because of some unforeseen difficulties it took more than one day. I was being patient and taking the proper steps…however, the second day I forgot to tun off the electricity >>WHOOPS! that was a close one …Thank God I didn’t get electrocuted … I saw some major sparks before my hands made contact.

Well there are two things I would like to mention.
1)Keep your body and mind healthy because you never know what will come up that can potentially alter your life and what you have to deal with. Speaking as a health care professional and fitness coach, I know how incredible some of the latest training techniques are and how they can prevent major musculo-skeletal failure. It would be nice to avoid musculo- skeletal problems by mean of preventative exercise. This leads me to my second point.

2) Get a professional with credentials to help you with your potential do-it yourself projects. As much as I think it is great for people to delve into projects and learn on there own, I think in the case of fitness, it is wise to hire a professional that is abreast of the latest training techniques to ensure you maximize your body’s ability. Working in a very popular gym the last 4 year, I have seen alot of flat out bad training and potentially harmful training by the majority of people. There is a principle we cannot avoid and that is the SAID principle. Our bodies will respond to with specific adaptations to any imposed demands placed on it. So make sure your you are training wisely because your body is responding to the very stress you put on it. Make sure it is the right stress.