Mallet Finger continued

Well this is the end off the regular 48 hour inflammatory phase and my finger still lacks active full range of motion.  The swelling is there but, not too bad.  Not very painful.  Over the next 72 hours my body should go into a fibroblastic repair phase in which the debris of the tendon rupture and other cellular breakdown will be cleaned up.  Normally this process can be sped up with heat but, I will hold off for another day or two. 

This injury has taught me a lesson in that I am in very much sense a state of my body.  This injury has caused social interactions it has caused my to shift my normal workout schedule.  Other than that, life goes on and it is my responsibility to focus on my work which is the foundation of my life.

I can remember my father fighting cancer when I was 18years old.  He never complained.  I see his strength much more clearly  at 34 years old.  At the time it was my Dad and it wasn’t much different .. my father never complained .  Although I know things were tough he always moved forward and did what had to be done.  I wish he did talk about his pain or at least his experience with what he was going through.  I feel it is important to talk about your life out loud so that you may hear yourself and that other may hear you and this I feel will help coping. 

My father did go on to beat Lung cancer for 15 years.  In that time he battled skin cancer, prostate cancer, collapsed lung, emphyseama,  cancer came back in 2010 and spread too quickly for him to overcome.  Again he had acceptance of himself with his fate.  This balance between what we can control and what cannot be controlled ..I end with the prayer of balance in life and that is… God grant me the serenity to accept the thing in life that I cannot change  and the  courage to change the things that I can and the knowledge to know the difference. 

I believe my father had found this balance in the end and will Rest in Peace. Respect and Love.