Mallet finger

This is a picture of a ruptured extensor tendon of the 2nd phalangeal distal interphalangeal joint.  Just this past Sunday I was playing in a two-hand touch football league and sustained this injury called a mallet finger.  Interesting enough the season prior one of my teamates had sustained the same injury during the last game of the season … by the way we won this game and were League Champs for the season.  About a week ago, I was covering a game as an Athletic Trainer at the school that I work at and the referee comes up to me and shows me his hand and asks me what the heck is this and what do I do for it.  So in the span of about 1 month I had seen 3 mallet finger injuries and one being mine all in pick- up football. 

Right before the game I had thought to myself that I should get gloves for the game to help me ctach better since the temperature was around 40 deg F.  But,  then I said to myself  well I can make it through the season there are only 4 games left.  The actual last play of the 1st half on a hail mary I reach up to catch the ball in what would not have resulted in a score and lightly tipped the ball with my finger.  I did not hurt much but, looking at my finger, I knew right away this is going to take a week or maybe more to get better.  The long term is sometimes up to six weeks in a splint.

I am blown away with the coincidence of these injuries in the last month within my view.  My decision to forgo gloves which would have kept my fingers much warmer and my more flexible and less likely to injure.  And last the hail mary that had no chance of  helping our team to win. 

1.  Listen to your life speak.  2 mallet finger injuries in football and I decide to not buy $30 dollar gloves.

2. This is a small injury, could it have been prevented ?  Yes, absolutely by a certain thing called preparation.  It is around us everywhere and we can apply it to our actions and have it directly effect our lives. 

3.  What is making sounds in your life?