Moment of Inspiration

In New York yesterday temperatures reached 65 degrees, which was unseasonably warm. I was at the park playing basketball and did some sprints up a hill. I remembered times when I would get inspired for a day and go out and exercise and then not exercise for another 2 weeks or more. I feel that unfortunately this is the attitude trap that many people fall into. There are two things wrong with this approach:

1) Physiologically the body will not respond positively to a random bout of exercise. There is a (SAID)principle Specific adaptations to imposed demand. So if you go out and run 30 minutes do pushups, situps, pullups, your body will be so sore the next couple of days and there is the potential that you can strain your muscles requiring 1- 2 weeks heeling time. We place demand on our body everyday, it is the consistency of these demands that will determine your level of fitness.

2) Exercising on pure emotion in the beginning is a recipe for failure. Like anything that is potentially good for us we must make a habit of it. This includes self discipline and daily action. Simply put there will be days when you won’t want to exercise … probably to the point where it is extremely disrupting your normal level of comfort.

You can’t achieve your health goals without working on them daily.