Group Training


This method of training has become a popular choice for maintaining and increasing fitness levels for individuals.  In this setting you will be part of like- minded individuals who are on the same path and journey of staying healthy and challenging their limits.  The major benefits of working out in a group is motivation and a sense of team.  When we are involved in group training, we can override our self – limiting tendencies and realize untapped potential within ourselves.   We can work off the energy of the group and the expectations of the group.

  • Each individual is baseline measured.
  • Group fitness classes will run on a 6 week cycle.  This cycle will reflect the progression of the classes.  This is an extremely important concept that people must understand while working out.  The volume and intensity of these 6 week cycles will be customized so that individuals do not burn out and ultimately reach their goals and maintain their goals over a period of time until it becomes a lifestyle.  Nobody ever climbed Mount Everest in one day.  We can maintain a much healthier fitness level when we incorporate the concept of high intensity, medium, and light work outs.
  • Each class starts with injury prevention, followed by functional training circuits, cardiovascular work, and concluded with regenerative work.
  • Each individual will have specific goals that they are working to achieve within the same workout format as the group.
  • Each individual will also participate in the group fitness at their specific fitness level.  This means that exercises can and will be modified to meet you where your current fitness level is so that you can safely and realistically meet your fitness goals.



6 Weeks :  $440

12 Weeks:  $800

18 Weeks:  $1200