Personal Training


One on one training is available for the individuals with specific fitness goals in relation to time. This option of training in the best for someone who is focused on a specific goals.  This type of training provides a more intense focus on individual coaching and customized programming.

  • The individual is baseline measured.
  • The timing and intensity of the training sessions are customized each session to directly correspond to a fitness goal.
  • Specific physiological traits of the individual can be more accurately focused on to achieve optimal results.
  • This method of training is best when one is seeking a specific athletic development by a certain time period, if one has a history of orthopedic or health issues that require the more specific coaching and care from  knowledgeable fitness professional, or if one a has a special event in which their fitness is



1 session: $100

12 sessions: $979

24 sessions: $ 1879



Your apartment complex/ fitness center

Location of your choice ie. Park / rec center