Taking Care … the Coach K way.

To achieve any goal in life, there has to be action. Can you imagine what life would be if there was nothing to look forward to? My estimation is that there is no life. My impression is that to have a fulfilled life we have to have things to look forward to. What we look forward to will be different for every individual. However, the same for every individual is a brain and a body. In order to get these two working well together we must take care of them. I’ll think you’ll agree that without a healthy body and sound mind we have no power over what we bring into our lives

I was reading the autobiography of the coach of the Duke University Blue Devils men’s basketball team, Mike Krzyzewski, yesterday. One of the very first things he tells his team members is for everyone to take care of themselves. He states: what is bad for you is bad for the team. It’s easy to see how a point guard that is taking drugs and missing practice will not be good for the team. Well since I can remember, the Duke Blue devils have been a great basketball team and a contender for the Division 1 NCAA men’s basketball championship from what it seems… every year. It looks like each individual listened to coach and has been doing there part by taking care of themselves.

So the message hear is that to produce great results we must take care of ourselves first so that whatever team you are on in life will win. Think of yourself as making crisp passes with everything you do whether it be family life, work life, social life , or recreational life.