The Nutribullet

Ok guys,  we’ve heard about how we are what we eat.  We ‘ve to consume 4-6 servings of fruit and 3-4 serving of vegetables a day.  A handful of nuts per day will give you energy.  Good nutrition will help you stay healthy and happy. 

Ok we all get the message, well at least most of us.  And even those who don’t get it and eat Shazz all day would not really argue with you that they are not eating healthy.  I believe at a very core level we know what is good for us but, the actions of participating in what is good for us, is not always the case.

The nurtibullet, I believe is a great invention that can help us all eat better.  Reasons why .. 1) you can mix portions of fruit, nuts, vegetables all into one smoothie.  2) you can pick and choose proportions and ingredients to create a taste you like. 3)  The smoothie can be made in 1 minute once in the blender.  4)  You can drink the smoothie right out of the blending pitcher as it doubles as a cup.  5) the clean up is done in 3 minutes as you can simply run water over it and it is ready for the next smoothie.  6)  The total cost is about $130 and it comes with a recipe book.

This is the definition of quick, easy, tasty, and good for you.