Times a wastin’ !!!!

Contemplate this for yourself. As an individual who gives fitness advice and one who trains individuals for better health, I have realized that it is incredibly difficult to help some individuals. The main problem for these individuals, I feel is the inability to realize the importance of time.

I write this from personal experience with a misunderstanding or misperception of time. I have not always been the healthiest of people in practice but, I always took the time to notice how I felt in regards to energy and positivity on a day to day basis. There came a time when I directly related how I felt to what I did in regards to health practices. To make a long story short… when I practiced healthy habits I felt great and when I didn’t I was did not feel great. So in short, if you want to string together days where you feel great…. practice healthy habits. Or maybe you prefer having a good day then a few bad days then a few horrible then a nice one. I think this is a pretty quick overview of a complex subject “how we feel?” but, I guarantee one thing, it is up to you to contemplate how you feel and it is up to you to create the healthy habits that make you feel good consistently. Don’t let your time get washed away with unhealthy habits!