Tis the season for training

Yes, that’s right, it is the season for training.  Or is it?  We have to understand the ebb and flow of training.  We as humans have limited energy.  There are tons of things that can effect these energy levels.  For one, the season that we are in.  Can’t you see the that first nice day of the spring..  when people flock to the outdoor areas or even get their jog on.   Now as we enter Winter here in the New York City area , you see less and less people outdoors exercising.  The cold does not provide the most welcoming of elements to work out in.  Certainly you will find your crazies, myself included, who will get out there and despite the conditions.  It’s almost as if the worst the conditions the more fun we have.  Now with our goals being to stay in shape and maintain health we have to weather these seasonal changes and be able to maintain.  The most important aspect of training is periodization and this is how we control the volume of training for a period of time.  
To maintain the body at a certain level, it is important  to understand you own energy shifts and arrange your workouts accordingly.   For example, if you know your energy/ motivation drops in the winter,   it would be wise to increase the intensity of your workouts moving into the winter month of November.  You can then “ride out ” a higher level of fitness for December, and create more of an exercise maintenance program.  Perhaps drop to a twice a week regimen.
The understanding of the ebb and flow of energy can help us avoid burn out and break down.