To Drink a Red bull or not to Drink a Red Bull?

Fun facts:
A sixteen ounce can of Red Bull provides 160mg of caffeine compared to 320mg of caffeine from a sixteen ounce cup of coffee from Starbuck’s.
Fatal overdoses of caffeine are possible and happen around 5,000 mg of ingestion in one day that is (15) grande coffee’s at Starbucks or (31) 16 ounce cans of red bull.

In order to have a ergogenic (performance enhancing) effect 2-6mg per kg of body weight must be consumed. Ie. for a 220 lb. athlete, 200-600mg of caffeine must be consumed or 1-1.5 cups of starbucks grande coffee or 2-3 16ou. red bulls.

There is the possibility of an ergolytic (detrimental to performance) effect if too much caffeine is consumed. This deficit in performance will show up before caffenine toxicity.

Caffeine is a controlled substance by NCAA standards. The limit is 15mcg/ml in the urine. Every 100mg in the beverage is equal to about 1.5mcg/ ml so about 3-4 16ounce cups of starbucks would get an NCAA athlete banned from competition.

An important factor to remember if you are going to consume caffeine to enhance your performance, caffeine is a diuretic and has the potential to cause dehydration.