What can make you happier than a steak??

Well I suppose many things but, I can’t think of any right now specially while I am staring at that steak!!  What I do want to talk about here is how foods can effect our energy levels.  When training elite athletes it would be a very important aspect to watch their diet and nutrition in relation to their body’s demand for energy.  We need to eat every day to maintain health.  Yes , we can go days without eating and “survive”  but for a day to day life we don’t want to just survive we want to live in “peace and happiness”  In an ever changing world this can sometimes be difficult. 

So back to steak… I had a steak for dinner last night and found that waking up in the morning was particularly difficult.  Now after a long period of time seeking  personal optimal functioning.. and now at the age of 34,  I can notice the little things that make a difference in how I feel.  I wonder in amazement sometimes at how the body just ” feels” sometimes and we can follow this to a place of happiness and content.  For instance I think the major lesson I will try to move forward with, is to eat steak on a Friday or weekend date in which I do not have high energy demands the next day.   

I encourage you to note how you feel after certain foods are consumed in your diet.   Are these foods working for you or against you?  It is your choice to put whatever you want in your body.  Make the right choice to optimize your being!!