When you know this, you’ll be crushing your goals!



The following  is a quote from the foreword in ” Athletic Development: The Art and Science of Functional Sports Conditioning” by Vern Gambetta. The foreword was written by James C. Radcliffe, the head strength and conditioning coach at the university of oregon.

“Imagine, if you will, a system of continual progress toward improvement. This system is social in nature, for it has examined the effects of locomotion in the world, political climate, economic status, and importance to the community. This system is scientific in nature, for it has examined the effects of physics, biology, anatomy, physiology, and mathematical principles that help shed light on how things can work. This system is of a competitive nature; it realizes that constant adjustments are necessary for achieving and maintaining success. Above all, this system is of a human nature; it understands that no one is perfect, no plan perfect, and system perfect. The system maintains a continual use of checks and balances: self check, self-critique, evaluate, re-evaluate, and then move forward, onward and upward.”

At this point we have understood that we are made up of a system of discipline if we so choose. The system operates in an ever changing world of ups and downs. If this journey is to be successful, one has to be conscious of the quote above. This is what training is. In any matter, every 24 hours we are given can be consciously guided towards any goal. With perseverance you will become what you do on a regular basis.

Goal, Action, adjust, evaluate, implement change, action, re-evaluate, continue process until goal is reached.