Where do you position yourself? ON A BIKE?

With the spring season.. springing almost, The bicyclists are starting to hit the road. Along with proper safety precautions, it is vital to adjust your seat (saddle) to the appropriate height in order to maximize lower leg kinematics, pedaling efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. Here is a simple reference tip for putting your seat in the correct position. The correct seat height is largely a matter of what the angle is at your knee when the pedal is at the very bottom. At this position in the cycle your knee should be at an angle of 25-30 degrees. The very best way to measure your knee angle is with a goniometer. A goniometer is a device that measures the joint abngle. Now I am imagining that you probably don’t have a goniometer laying around. So below I have including a picture in which you can “eyeball” the correct position in which a goniometer is used to measure the knee angle. Generally speaking you should not have too much knee bend in your cycle and your knee should not ” lock- out” at the bottom of your cycle.