You say potatO, I say potAto, some people say potatoes can cause pain?

You say potatO, I say potAto, some people say potatoes and other foods included in a group called “nightshades” may contribute to pain in the joints. I was talking with a gentleman (I’ll use the term lightly… just kidding Joe) today and he mentioned a category of foods that are called “nightshades” He mentioned that they should be avoided by individuals that have joint pain particularly arthritis. I looked up nightshades on the interenet and found many different claims that nightshades can cause complications with joint pain if the individual already has the problem.

What I want to highlight here is the many variables that can cause pain in an individual. What if you were able to locate and highlight all the nightshade foods that you are eating and eliminate them from your diet for a 6- 12 week period and kept a journal of your subjective feelings of pain over that time? Rating your pain on a scale of 1- 10 and comparing the numbers over a 6-12 week period can be very effective as far as pinpointing contributing variable to your pain.

When I say variables, it is important for the individual to also contemplate weight, proper length and function of muscle tissue around the joint, proper gait, leg length discrepencies, and proper exercise ROUTINE.

The most famous food members of the nightshade family include potatoes, tomatoes, many species of sweet and hot peppers, and eggplant.